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  • While being comfortable in one's own skin (and wardrobe) is numero one, it's safe to say that one thing that no one wants to wear is something that ages them. A youthful appearance is something we all strive for, whether subconsciously or not. One of the most effective ways to achieve that youthful glow is via the colors we chose to wear.


  • Shifts in fashion can often be signposted through semantics. Take the word “deadstock”. Formally an industry term often meaning fabric unused by the manufacturer, it has recently become part of our general parlance. Brands that use deadstock in their designs are increasingly on the radars of consumers, who appreciate the idea of saving waste fabric from landfill. The fact that we are even discussing this in a fashion article suggests sustainability is becoming a priority in a post-pandemic world.


  • Here, we’re talking about the specifics—special accessories to accentuate an ensemble if it calls for it, styling tweaks, and the like. For example, if a fashion person is going for a blouse-and-denim situation, they most likely won’t leave it at that; they’ll incorporate a cool belt into the look to enhance the overall feel and give it a finishing touch. This is the type of detail they don’t overlook.


  • Ein Blick darauf, welche Kategorien und Produkte Verbraucher die besten Einsparungen und Angebote finden.


  • The biggest color trends of 2021 are steeped in hope and optimism — and they also take a cue from nature, according to Shutterstock.


  • Since there are so many shapes and silhouettes on the market and trends are ever-changing, it can be tough to choose what works best for you, but we have some ideas to help out. Whether you want to play up your curves, highlight your legs, create the illusion of curves, or accentuate your upper half, there are some strategic pieces that will help you do just that. At the end of the day, all of these pieces are insanely stylish no matter the reason for buying them. Scroll down to shop our picks.